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              What to do if the self?priming?pump has little suction

              Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/5/6 15:00:37

              If you want to understand that the self priming pump has low suction power, it is sometimes normal. Some self-priming pumps are naturally slow due to their own air exhausting speed, so it is normal to put the hand on the suction port.
              The reason for the low suction power of the self-priming pump may also be the cause of the insufficient sealing of the mechanical seal of the self-priming pump, or the reason that the inlet pipe is not tightly sealed, so that the water cannot be pumped. What should I do if the pump suction is not strong?
              If you want to increase the suction power of the conventional centrifugal self priming pump products, you can send the self-priming pump to our Boyu Pump Company to optimize and upgrade for you to increase the self-priming capacity. And our Boyu company has an invention certificate to increase the self-priming of the self-priming pump, which can make the self-priming pump with a self-priming height of only 4-5 meters reach the self-priming height of about 6-9 meters.
              There are also on-site self-priming pumps that can pump up water after the pump is filled with water, but after stopping the pump for a few hours or one night after the pump is turned on next time, you must add water to the pump to suck it up. Most of this reason is because the pump cavity is small. Due to the poor sealing performance of the conventional inlet check valve after the pump is stopped, a part of the water is lost due to the backflow of the water in the pump body, so the second start needs to be replenished. If the water is sucked up, what should we do if the so-called self-priming pump has little suction: if it is clean water, a bottom valve can be added, and those who are unwilling to install the bottom valve can send the pump to our company to optimize and upgrade your special processing. The self-priming capacity of the self-priming pump is improved from the self-priming pump with a self-priming height of 4-5 meters to 6-9 meters, 6-8 meters is a grade, 8-9.2 meters is another grade, two The price of each grade is different.
              The shape of the self priming pump with a self-priming height of 6-7 meters is still the same as ordinary. We only changed some shapes and dimensions inside the pump body. The 8-9.2-meter self-priming height is based on a self-priming pump. Vacuum auxiliary system, if you add a set of vacuum auxiliary device on the basis of the self-priming pump that changes the self-priming height of the self-priming pump, the self-priming capacity of this self-priming pump is more powerful, and the horizontal distance can be pumped up to 150 meters. Left and right, in addition, the self-priming height is 9.2 meters and the water can be sucked up quickly.

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