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              Do the daily maintenance of trailer?mounted?dewatering?pump and use them anytime, anywhere

              Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/4/23 11:59:39

              With the development of modern society, the process of urbanization and industrialization is accelerating. As a necessary equipment for modern social life, pumps are widely used in various working conditions such as life, industrial water supply, chemical industry, medicine, fire protection, sewage treatment, agricultural irrigation and so on. Correspondingly, extreme conditions such as extreme weather, earthquakes and major accidents also occur more frequently. In this case, the power supply is basically paralyzed, making ordinary electric pumps unusable when they need to work. At this time, it is our turn to show our skills of the trailer mounted dewatering pump!
              Trailer mounted dewatering pump has its own independent power supply system, which can run even in the event of power failure. Axial reflux external mixing type, and unique design through the pump body and impeller flow channel, not only need not install bottom valve and irrigation and diversion like ordinary self-priming clean water pump, but also can suck and discharge large particles of solid and long fiber. Mainly used for emergency water supply, the mobile diesel water pump unit for drainage is more convenient and flexible than the fixed diesel pump, and it is easy to move to suit different places. Supporting high-quality and high-efficiency self-priming (or vacuum water diversion device) centrifugal pumps and multi-stage pumps. To meet various needs.
              Is such a device, we must do its maintenance in place, so that we can use it anytime, anywhere
              First of all, the trailer mounted dewatering pump should be parked in the warehouse as much as possible to prevent wind, sun, rain and snow erosion and freezing.
              1. Maintenance parts: engine oil, diesel filter, air filter, antifreeze;
              2. Diesel filter: Replace every 2 years;
              3. Air filter element: if the filter element is not very dirty, it can be cleaned or flapped with dust without replacement;
              4. Oil replacement time: every 100 hours or half a year, whichever comes first;
              5. Water tank maintenance: the antifreeze must be replaced in winter. If the water tank is filled with water, it is not used in winter. Please completely clean the water of the water tank to avoid freezing, or when the machine is not used, put the water completely clean , Add water when you want to use it, you can also clean up after use. For example, if you add antifreeze, you do n’t need to clean it. The antifreeze replacement time is every 2 years.
              6. Battery: If it is not used for a long time, please remove the battery + pole part;
              7. If the pump body is not used for a long time, the residual water of the pump body should be thoroughly cleaned.

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